Donna’s Kountry Kennels Puppy Agreement


This contract and guarantee is made with the Buyer listed and is NOT to be transferred to anyone. If the puppy listed is sold, given away etc., after purchase, this contract/guarantee is null and void, and the Seller will no longer be held respon sible for anything, medical or otherwise, involving the puppy. 

 The puppy must be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of adoption, or there will be no guarantee or liability by the Seller. If the puppy is found to have a life-threatening congenital/hereditary defect, a full refund of the purchase price will be made as long as the puppy is returned within the 72-hour period, along with all CKC/AKC paperwork and a written statement from the veterinarian, which will include a detail of the puppy’s condition and documentation of tests performed and appropriate x-rays. Any illness occurring after the 72 hours is the Buyer’s responsibility. 

 In the event that the puppy should die, the Buyer is required to have a necropsy(autopsy) done at their expense by CLEMSON UNIVERSITY COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SERVICE, PROFESSIONAL VETERINARY PATHOLOGY SERVICES or another similar facility. A copy of the results with the exact date and cause of death must be furnished to the Seller before a refund of the purchase only will be considered. If at any time the Buyer elects to have the puppy euthanized, for any reason, the Seller is released from all liability regarding the health of the puppy, as well as any expenses incurred by the Buyer. Seller is not liable for replacement/refund or any medical expenses due to accidents, neglect, theft, carelessness, recklessness abuse or mistreatment of the puppy. 

If within six(6) months of the date of birth, this puppy is found to be unfit for purchase, by a licensed veterinarian, due to a LIFE-THREATENING CONGENITAL OR HEREDITARY DEFECT, the Buyer has the option to return the puppy for a full refund of the purchase price only, OR retain the puppy and receive a refund of 50% of the purchase price only. A veterinary certi fication of unfitness, including a detail of the condition, documentation of the types of tests done and their findings and x-rays if appropriate, must be delivered to the Seller within five(5) days following the diagnosis of the defect before a refund will be considered. Seller will not be responsible for any expenses, medical or otherwise, incurred by the Buyer. 

 The Seller will not be responsible for viruses or parasites, internal or external, inluding but not limited to ear mites, worms, fleas and other parasites Respiratory infections, coughs, colds and some types of bacterial infections, including coccidiosis (which can be triggered by stress) and giardia, are not serious health problems if properly treated and therefore are not covered by this guarantee. 

 Breed related conditions, including but not limited to open fontanel, luxating patella, hip dysplasia, collapsing trachea, elongated soft palate, collapsed nostrils and retained puppy teeth are also not covered. Hypoglycemia(low blood sugar) can be serious, but is also not covered by this guarantee, as it is a nutritional issue, usually caused by too little food and/or too much activity and is in the Buyer’s control. Undescended testicles, overbite, underbite, cherry eye, entropian, distichia and hernias(umbilical or inguinal) are genetic defects but are not covered by this guarantee, as they are not life-threatening. The Seller reserves the right to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian of the Seller’s choice before any action is taken on this guarantee. There are certain disorders that may be environmental factors(alergies, thyroid dysfunction,demodectic mange and other autoimmune disorders which are not covered. Color dilution alopecia(CDA) usually only occurs in dilute colors and is not covered. 

This puppy is sold as a pet, only and no guarantee is made as to size, color, quality, disposition or future breeding ability. All puppies come with AKC and/or CKC registration applications. Be careful with all of your paperwork. There will be a fee, payable in advance, to reorder registration papers. 

 Please consider your choice to purchase a puppy carefully. We do not take back puppies because you decide you have made a mistake, your family and/or landlord do not approve, whining, barking, playful nipping or for any reason other than a CERTIFIED LIFE-THREATENING CONGENITAL OR HEREDITARY DEFECT. 

I freely enter into this contract and acknowledge that it is enforceable by legal means. I acknowledge that all disputes will be settled at my(Buyer’s) expense in Saluda County, SC. I have read and agree with the conditions in the agreement.

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